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WAR beta invites: now you see em, now you don't

Chris Chester

Some of the approximately 560,706 people who have applied for a coveted spot in the Warhammer Online beta suffered a bit of a jerk-around from the EA Mythic folks this past week. Reportedly, an email went out to many would-be beta testers telling them to update their DxDiag files. Understandably, many players interpreted this as a sign that they had finally been inducted. After all, it was a message from the Warhammer Online Beta Center. Couple that with a message on the Warhammer Herald announcing that a few more beta invites had been sent out and this made for a very optimistic group of fans.

Unfortunately, these hopes were soon dashed as players attempted to visit the the beta center and found that their status was still set to "applied" and not "accepted." Apparently emails intended for current beta testers had been sent to a group of applicants by mistake. EA Mythic is asking would-be players to, "Please disregard the email if you are currently not in beta." Easy for them to say, we're sure many eager gamers were stung by that sudden 180.

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