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EU LotRO dev chat predicts infamous Shaman fishing

Dan O'Halloran

German Lord of the RIngs Online site Lotro-welten hosted its monthly dev chat with LotRO devs and community managers. Many of the questions for this dev chat focused on the new public PvMP dungeon, the Delving of Frór and the changes to the Creeps system. But most were requests for features that the devs didn't have any immediate plans to implement (translation: you no get!)

One participant complained that many questions were asked covering information that has already been announced. The devs explained that not all players read patch notes, etc. and the dev chats are another way to get information out to the public. So be prepared for a certain amount of repetition.

That being said, there was little new information to be gleaned. The few nuggets we found are:

  • The Hobbies system will be introduced in Book 13 with the long requested Fishing ability. More Hobbies are planned in the future.
  • A Shaman PvMP class is in the works for Book 13. That may not be the final name of the class, but the basic skills and abilities are in place.
  • Monster play Infamy/Reknown costs will be lowered considerably in Book 12 to allow players to level faster in PvMP.
A full transcript of the chat can be found on Lotro-welten's site.

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