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Wild Earth: Elephant Washing Safari


As casual Pokémon Snap/rail shooter aficionados, we find ourselves a bit interested in Wild Earth: African Safari. Photographic shooting games are generally a good time, and we're keen to use the Wiimote's pointer for more shooting games. Now that we know that there's a minigame in which, as an elephant, you wash passing animals, the deal is sealed. We're actually not kidding, either -- we're quite impressed by the weirdly creative thinking required to get minigames into a safari game and have them make some sense. It's becoming increasingly difficult to come up with unusual minigames as the Wii's minigame density increases.

Something that more people are going to find neat is the multiplayer. Four people can go on safari together, with one directing the movement of the party (either by leading on foot or by driving the jeep or helicopter) and the other three snapping photos. We (try desperately hard at all times to) see shades of Lucky & Wild!

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