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Found Footage: MacBook Pro HDD Replacement


I had to replace the hard drive in my MacBook Pro a few months ago. If you've never done it, I can tell you that after over 20 screws, a little prying and pulling and then reassembling with your fingers crossed, there's probably a moment of stomach-turning worry when you hit the power button. But some people have a knack for making things look a little less gut wrenching.

MacBook Pro owner Max Million replaced his hard drive in about 40 minutes. Working from the excellent instructions at ifixit, he put a 320 gig drive into his laptop. And while he was at it, he put together a time-lapse video of the process that's under 3 minutes long but still manages to convey the tenacity required for the undertaking. So, here's to the brave souls who have no regard for the phrase "not user serviceable". Video after the jump...

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