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Analyst: American PS3 sales to match Xbox 360 in 2008


Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey envisions a good year for all the consoles, but expects the PS3 to really step up. His estimates are roughly on par with EA's projections for 2008 in North America, with the Xbox 360 and PS3 in a dead heat (of course, the Wii will beat both by a projected three million units). Hickey believes the PS3 will rally in '08 due to a lower price point, better content and Blu-ray's "edge" in the HD movie format war. If Blu-ray ends up being a major factor in consumers' choice to purchase the system, we'll have to watch the tie ratios in order to see whether gamers are actually buying PS3 games.

Hickey notes the "slower relative adoption rate" of the PS3 was due to the high price, lack of "distinguishing" content, strong competition from the Wii and "value confusion" over the Blu-ray player -- basically, the opposite of everything he thinks will make the PS3 a contender in '08. As for Hickey's crystal ball predictions, he says the PS2 will finally hit $99 in '08 and that the Wii will follow PS2 growth, selling eight million units in North America during '08 ... if supplies keep up.

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