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File List 1.2 does file renaming for free

Cory Bohon

I love it when I find freeware that is not only functional, but practical. File List is no exception. File List is an awesome utility that allows you to quickly and easily change batches of file names quickly. There are many types of ways you can rename the files including: find and replace, number, change case, and more.

This is nearly identical to the Automator action "Rename Finder Items." However, for those of you who don't want to sit through creating an Automator workflow, then this might be the application for you! In my opinion, one of the coolest features of this application is being able to create a "droplet." These droplets allow you to simply set up the action you want, create the droplet, then just drag your files and drop them on it to run the action on the files.

This very creative piece of software also won a 3.5/5 from MacWorld's Mac Gems review. This software is available for free (donations accepted) from the Many Tricks website.

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