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Forget Xbox Live, Halo 3 laser tag now available

If you've had it up to here with Xbox Live's troubles these past few months, why not send a powerful signal to the fat cats in Redmond: cancel your Xbox Live subscription and reinvest that money into a set of Jasman Toys' Halo 3 Laser Command toys. First announced nearly a year ago, and then shown off at Comic-Con in July, this is the first time we've actually seen 'em, y'know, for sale (did they really miss Halo-mania and the holiday shopping season?).

Eagle-eyed tipster mikel spotted them in the back corner of his local Hot Topic (no teasing, commenters) and sure enough, we spotted them on internet retailers sites like Amazon and Newegg. We're not sure how long they've been available but, considering there aren't any user reviews on either site, we're guessing 'not long.' Amazon's got the Plasma Pistol for $85 (take a peek after the break) and Newegg has the admittedly cooler Plasma Rifle for just $80, along with a gallery which we've shamelessly lifted for you to check out. The real deal-clencher is the Energy Sword, which the official site promises in still coming in 2008.

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[Thanks, mikel]

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