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Super Bowl XLII sets viewership record, commercials still more popular

Darren Murph

You could almost see this one coming -- a Super Bowl with one team attempting to do what no other team in league history has done? Yeah, that'll draw folks in. A game decided in the final minutes of the fourth quarter helps too, and according to research doled out by Nielsen, Sunday's tilt between the Giants and Patriots was indeed the most watched Super Bowl ever. Reportedly, some 97.5 million viewers tuned in on average, with 105.7 million fixing their eyes on the game between 9:30PM and 10:00PM EST. More interesting, however, was TiVo's research data, which showed that more folks (in its sample, at least) were interested in watching / rewinding commercials than actually pausing to gaze into Brady's eyes. Oh, and for those curious, E-Trade's "Baby" spot snatched the number one rank this year in term's of ad popularity (sorry, Toshiba). Hit up the read links below for oodles more data about the game.

[Image courtesy of Getty Images / WNBC]
Read - Nielsen's research data
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