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Dead Space dev wants PS3, 360 versions dead even


Toaster-headed space horror news now, with EA outlining its intentions to get Dead Space running equally well on both of its intended console platforms. When asked if the PlayStation 3 version would suffer any Madden-ing technical shortcomings (as we've sadly come to expect from certain publishers), executive producer Glen Schofield told, "The plan has to be, and it will be, on parity with the 360."

EA Redwood Shores is currently developing the sci-fi screamfest with the Xbox 360 as lead platform, with a shift to the PS3 following in the next few months. "That is so that you're not downgrading the PS3 later," said Schofield. "We're putting all our engineering muscle into making the PS3 great, and then we'll know that the 360 will be great."

Great news, especially if Dead Space turns out ... great.

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