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Sprint Unlimited Access Pack is $119.99 a month for unlimited everything


Took long enough for the limited offering to go national, didn't it? Unlimited everything, the holy grail of phone plans, is now available everywhere at Sprint. The Sprint-powered Helio has had an unlimited everything for a while now, and just cut the price to $99 a month, while other carriers have piecemeal "unlimited" offerings like text messaging or in-network calling, but Sprint is the first of the big four to offer a true unlimited everything plan. For $119.99 a month you get unlimited voice, texting, web, email and picture mail, though no mention is made of MMS. The plan should be available now.

[Via Boy Genius Report]

Update: We've just been told that the Unlimited Access Pack is still restricted to four markets -- San Francisco, Philadelphia, Tampa, and Minneapolis-St. Paul. To folks in those towns, we envy you. To everyone else, our apologies!

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