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Caption contest: PS3 Rainbow Six Vegas diorama


This one's really bringing us back to eighth grade. Except, you know, replace dinosaurs with terrorists, and replace a real-live-working volcano with a PS3. Other than that it's exactly the same.

Chris: "PlayStation Park, Las Vegas' latest theme hotel, has left much of the Strip uninhabitable thanks to the 800 degree Fahrenheit stream of air continually emitted from the side of the building."
Josh: "Finally, something more gaudy and depressing than the actual Las Vegas."
Nilay: "Note: Beds do not vibrate." or "We never noticed how much the Wynn looked like a Foreman grill."
Paul: "I'll be in the garage if you need me, honey. Working on the, uh... car."
Richard: "Ok, who left the Allspark next to the PS3?"
Ittousai: "Vegas-based terrorist group with micropulse bomb is demanding backwards compatibility; more at 11."
Steve: "Kutaragi: 'This hotel is probably too cheap'"
Ross: "Voted loosest memory card slots on the Strip!" or "I'm putting all my Cell chips on Blu!" or "Yeah, it may have nine processing cores but are they synchronized to dancing fountains?"

[Via technabob]

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