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Cox HDTV set-tops: low supply + high demand = you wait

Steven Kim

Looks like Verizon isn't the only one experiencing a shortage of HD supplies their customers are craving. In at least three Cox markets the demand for HD set-tops and DVRs has outstripped the supply, meaning that customers are looking at a wait of "one- to two-weeks" (in Kansas/Arkansas) or a more ominous "weeks" (in New England). It seems that HD subscriptions did better than expected in these areas (buoyed by holiday purchases and the Superbowl, no doubt), and Cox is dependent on Motorola as the sole supplier of the necessary hardware. To those affected by this shortage, a tip of the Engadget HD hat to you -- you've stepped up your HD game over and above what the bean-counters at Cox thought you would. Also, our sympathies on your wait; that last mile (or in this case, feet) is a real chore, right?

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