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First DLC appears for Wipeout Pulse [Update]


Fans who enjoyed Wipeout Pure's free DLC are going to be very disappointed by this new. The first DLC for Wipeout Pulse has appeared on the UK PLAYSTATION Store ... at a cost of £3.49. The "Mirage Pack" includes a brand new team, and two new tracks (and their Zone variations). Update: Future packs have been unearthed on the official Wipeout website. They each include two tracks and one new team.

Pulse is a fantastic game, and we don't mind having to pay for more of it. However, is £3.49 a bit too much for you? How much will DLC cost when the game launches in America in a week?

Also available on the UK Store: Fade to Black (PS1), Theme Hospital (PS1), Motorhead (PS1)

[Thanks, Forgot69!]

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