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Nokia swings open doors to London flagship store

Chris Ziegler

The latest of eight stores now open globally, Nokia has officially unveiled its London flagship retail spot at 240 Regent Street (Hong Kong pictured). The location could very well end up being the crown jewel in Nokia's direct retail strategy, lying within earshot of Apple's impressive London location at 235 Regent Street and covering two full stories of consumer space. As we've seen in the other spots, LCDs and color-changing walls cover the perimeter, while the floors and ceilings are clad with rich woods. A separate "Product Zone," "Solutions Zone," and "Retail Zone" all guide shoppers to different areas of the store depending on their needs, while a dedicated Vertu lounge lets the nouveau riche do their thing in privacy. If anyone has a chance to check out the digs this weekend, be sure to send us some impressions!

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