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The 2400 square-foot private arcade


Sometimes, there's no way to appreciate something someone else has without thoughts of pure envy. Such is the case when viewing Peter Hirschberg's elaborate, sprawling recreation of the greatest arcade that never was, dubbed Luna City. Imagine 2400 square-feet filled with nearly every classic coin-op game you can imagine -- including stunners like Star Wars, Tempest, Tron, Zaxxon, Missile Command, and Galaga -- available for your use, free of charge, 24 hours a day. The massive collection also holds gems like the original Pong arcade machine and the Space Wars copycat Space War (based on one of the earliest known computer games), making the assemblage of coin-ops not just incredibly fun, but also a substantial act of historic preservation. Check out a walkthrough video after the break, and hit the read link for tons of photos and info. Needless to say: want.

[Via Retro Thing]

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