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Heed Totilo's warning -- keep a late Mass Effect save to play new DLC

We're certain that anyone who is excited about the new DLC for BioWare's intergalactic opera Mass Effect probably beat the game late last year, allowing their respective Commander Shepherds to grow portly and short-winded in the following months. While you may be tempted to delete those vestiges of space adventures past from your hard drive so you can start anew when it comes time to 'Bring Down the Sky', MTV Multiplayer's Stephen Totlio strongly suggests you don't -- unless you want to wait a few hours before perusing the new content.

You see, in order to access the new missions provided in the download, you'll need your trusty space-faring vessel, which is not available for the last couple of hours and first few hours of the game. So, whether you've started the game over, or just deleted your old saves, make sure you reclaim your wings by March 10 if you want to venture forth into uncharted territories in search of new extraterrestrial nookie.

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