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One Boss Leaves: Sapphiron vs. Hakkar wrap up

Dan O'Halloran

Last week, the undead frost wyrm of Northrend, Sapphiron squared off against the Troll god of Zul'Gurub, Hakkar the Soulflayer in a neutral arena to see who is the top boss. Did the Blue Dragon freeze out the competition or did the Faceless One slither into victory?

Though Hakkar has a mean damage/healing combo and an earlier Enrage timer, the votes confirm that Sapphiron's superior dps output and own healing & Enrage abilities would allow him to triumph over the Blood God. There was some debate about Hakkar's abilty to mind control the undead, but in the end only one boss leaves the arena.

Sapphiron moves on to the final four where he will face off against the winner of our next Two Bosses Enter showdown. Who will win when the Firelord of Molten Core, Ragnaros goes up against Kel'Thuzad, the Archlich of the Plaguelands? Voting starts tomorrow.

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