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Sunwell Isle map and PTR news


Thanks to Michael for alerting us to a post over at the WoW LiveJournal. He has managed to piece together a map of Sunwell Isle and the new Azeroth world map from the beta files currently available for patch 2.4. Of course, this is just beta information and may change at any time.

As far as the PTR goes, you can now download the patch files. However, when you try to copy a character you get the error message "You have no characters on Anvilmar," or what ever server you live on. This is because while the patch files are available, the server is not up yet.

Stay tuned to WoW Insider all this weekend for the latest patch news!

See the new maps after the break.

Map of the new Sunwell Isle.

New World Map. Sunwell Isle is located at the very top of the map.

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