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Code Lyoko gets further adventures on the PSP

Nick Doerr

If you've been watching television in France over the past several years, you may have seen the show Code Lyoko. The show was about a group of boarding school kids who get sucked into a supercomputer to fight an evil entity called X.A.N.A. for some reason. The show had four seasons, then ended. The story gets a little extra adventure with the new Code Lyoko PSP title though, spanning some new stories taking place in the fourth and final season.

There aren't any screenshots released by the developer, Neko Entertainment, yet, but the game sounds like a pretty standard action-adventure title. Different elemental areas, most likely different weapons across the main characters ... in fact, the old NES title Bucky O' Hare comes into mind. Sounds more or less the same, which we think could be fairly rockin'. The game's due out in June, so we'll keep you posted.

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