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Professor Layton sequel already 'confirmed' for U.S.

Game | Life is reporting that the last page of the instruction manual for Professor Layton and the Curious Village, a game we're sure will hit American shores with the force of a malnourished hummingbird, reveals that the sequel (which is already available in Japan) will eventually head to the states. A password entry feature in the first game requires a code from the second game to unlock -- the American instruction manual confirms this, saying that the password "will be revealed in the sequel."

We're giddy like schoolgirls over Professor Layton, but if the first game doesn't sell in the U.S., can they really justify publishing a sequel for our unrefined store shelves? Well, other than the sequel we already have -- the Circuit City exclusive adventures of Professor Lipton, Professor Layton's long lost, yet incredibly refreshing second cousin.

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