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Sunday brings Assassin's deals and boxers too [update]

Dustin Burg

Update: Success! We we able to slash our way through Best Buy Canada's security to discover that you can get DMC4 and Turok bundled together for $89. High price assassin FTW!

Today is Sunday, which means we get to look through the all the Sunday deals to spot some of the best gaming deals. We like to think of ourselves as high price assassins whose goal is to rid the world of corporate foolery and deny high priced gaming goods from making it to store shelves. That's just how we roll.

Speaking of being an assassin, we discovered that Best Buy has Assassin's Creed and Kane & Lynch: Dead Men for $39 and also priced the original Rainbow Six Vegas at $29. Also, being stealth like a kitten, we noticed that Toys R Us has placed a $49 price tag on Guitar Hero III (game only) and we spotted Circuit City giving away free "DENIED" boxers (the kind you wear) with the purchase of Conflict: Denied Ops. We tried to sneak into Canada's Best Buy stores for some high price murdering, but security prevented our entry and thus, no savings justice could be made.

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