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The Sony Ericsson W980

Chris Ziegler

Sony Ericsson has plumped up its Walkman line just a tad today with the introduction of the W980, a pretty well power-packed flip sporting 8GB of internal storage, a generously sized external display, and something the company calls "Walkman on Top." The technology (if you can really call it that) replicates the music player interface in its entirety on the external display, allowing full player control without popping the phone open. Other goodies include an FM transmitter and PlayNow support -- a Walkman phone through and through, if we do say so ourselves. Look for it to launch in Q3 in quadband EDGE flavor with HSDPA 2100 (read: no good for use in the US). Sorry about the microscopic photo, by the way, SE's site is having difficulty at the moment.

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