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Free Flickr eXporter iPhoto Plug-in

Cory Bohon

An increasing number of people are storing their whole digital lives online through services like YouTube, Flickr and .Mac. For those Mac users that use Flickr and want to move their photos with a couple clicks in iPhoto, there are a few options including Flickr Uploadr and FlickrExport. Well, here comes a new member to the group of iPhoto-Flickr plug-ins -- Free Flickr eXporter (or FFXporter).

This plug-in, like many of the others, allows you to upload photos from your iPhoto library with a couple clicks. You can also add them to different sets or create a new set right from the export window, set the privacy levels, and resize the picture to your specifications. The only thing that you cannot do from the plug-in is add a description to the photo; however, once the picture(s) are uploaded, it takes you to a Flickr page to fill in this information. Overall, this is an excellent iPhoto to Flickr plug-in if you don't want a paid plug-in.

FFXporter is available as a free download from the developers website.

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