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New World PvP quests: Your daily dose of war!

John Himes

I was one of the lucky few that was able to copy my character and log onto the public test realm over the weekend. Playing more than I probably should have, I was able to check out all the new daily quests and snap screenshots of much of the new content. In the midst of my frenzied trek around Outland and the Isle of Quel'danas (the new zone that hosts the upcoming dungeons), I made certain to check out the two new PvP daily quests mentioned in the patch notes. These are not the new Battlegrounds Daily PvP quests that are being introduced with the same patch, but all new quest options for World PvP objectives.

First off, I headed to Allerian Stronghold in Terokkar Forest. Near the Spirit Shard vendor, I found a new NPC, Exorcist Sullivan, offering that zone's daily quest. The objective is simple enough, merely help in the capture of one of the Spirit Towers in the Bone Wastes. In return you'll be awarded some cash and honor: 11 gold, 99 silver and 209 honor, to be exact. While I haven't been able to check out the Horde version of the quest yet, I'd imagine the NPC should be easy to spot in Stonebreaker Hold, near Spirit Sage Gartok, the Horde Spirit Shard vendor.

The second new quest, "In Defense of Halaa", can be found in Nagrand. For Alliance, the quest giver, Lakoor, is found at the entrance to the jail in Telaar (and I would assume that the Horde version is picked up in Garadar). For this quest you have to kill ten players of the opposing faction in the vicinity of Halaa in order to earn the same amount of money and honor as the other daily.

This quest may be a bit more difficult to complete than it's Terokkar equivalent, since Halaa sees little action on some servers, mine included. While ownership of the Spirit Towers resets after a few hours, ensuring that you'll always have a chance to complete this quest every day, Halaa has no such mechanic. Hopefully the quest will help itself out by creating a renewed interest in Nagrand PvP.

Are you looking forward to these quests hitting the live servers? Will you attempt to complete them on a daily basis?

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