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About the Bloggers: Eric Vice

Eric Vice

What's your main right now?

My main character is a level 70 assassination rogue. I've tried just about every rogue build and assassination is just what I feel the most comfortable with. I also have a restoration shaman I really enjoy who is getting close to 70. (Real men level resto!) I also have a hunter in the mid-60's.

For the Horde or Glory to the Alliance?

Alliance all the way. I've tried Horde a few times, but it keeps giving me lower back pain.

Favorite thing to do in Azeroth?

I'm a compulsive Control-Clicker. I love control-clicking phat epic lootz and seeing how they look on my characters. I also get a big kick out people-watching in-game and seeing some of the silly and outrageous character and guild names people come up with.

What's the best instance in the game?

Scarlet Monastery. If you have enough rest and a good group you can pick up two levels in that place easy. And the resale value of the metric ton of silk you'll pick up isn't a bad perk either. The layout is predictable, and it's nearly impossible to get lost. I detest rat maze zones (Razorfen Kraul, anyone?)

What's the worst instance in the game?

Maraudon hands-down. I hate that place. The encounter is way too long, and it's out in the middle of nowhere in probably one of the bleakest zones in the game.

What's the number one thing Blizzard could do better?

Thinking back to past MMO's I've played I think the number one thing that I would like to see is a more (physically) visible GM presence in the game. I think it builds community, and I think it also keeps player shenanigans in check. I realize there are a ton of servers, and I don't expect a GM to be strolling around Ironforge seven days of the week, but seeing one once in a while might just add a sense of law and order to a sometimes chaotic existence.

They could also vastly improve the stability of the armory. It's a great tool. It would just be great if it worked all the time. (As I write this, none of my characters are showing "Character Data Unavailable" and I play them all multiple times a week.)

The best way to make money in-game is...

Grabbing your mouse and working for it. If more people did this instead of going "the not-so-cheap but very easy route" the gold farmers would be out of business. There's a way to make money in virtually every profession. Blizzard made them for a reason. Check them out.

Favorite mount?

The Baron's Deathcharger. Yes oh yes... one day you will be mine.

Favorite piece of loot?

I like the Crystalfire Staff I picked up in Ramparts for my resto shaman. I threw +30 intellect on it, and now I have almost 1k mana in that item alone. It's also insanely fast for a staff.

Favorite Warcraft movie/machinima?

My favorite for a long time has been the She's Too Fat For Me video about Princess in Maraudon. There's newer flashier stuff out there and I love it to bits, but this movie always makes me laugh every time I watch it. My guild complains that when the going gets tough in Karazhan I start singing this song over Vent. (I live for new Snacky installments too!)

Favorite addon?

Possessions hands-down. My character slots on my home server are almost full, and that makes for a lot of bag slots and bank slots where things I may need at any given moment may tend to hide. Possessions lets me find all those scrap-ends of silk when my lowbie warrior is out of bandages, or look up that shoulder piece on my shaman to see if the one being offered in guild chat is better or worse. The day Possessions breaks and there is no update, I will be a sad, sad dwarf. (You can read my review of Possessions in a past Add-On Spotlight here.) I'm also a huge fan of Gazzmik Fizzwidget's Linkerator (which I intend to review in the next couple of weeks!)

When I'm not playing WoW, I'm...

Playing or recording music, hanging out with my two cats, or just chatting endlessly with my guildmates on Vent even if I'm not in-game.

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