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Yo Joe! EA's Hasbro deal includes G.I. Joe

When we first caught wind of the games made possible by EA's newly inked deal with Hasbro, well ... at first we cringed at the thought of Monopoly over EA's POGO service (some games will make you more violent), then we wondered aloud where the G.I. Joe announcement was. With a live-action movie debuting next year, the opportunity to exploit our nostalgia could just as easily take a two-pronged offensive with the release of a game based on the license. But, alas, there was no mention in their announcement ...

Hollywood trade pub Variety reports "Numerous sources said that EA will release a game in conjunction with Paramount's 2009 summer tentpole" and that an "EA rep confirmed that the publisher has interactive rights to G.I. Joe as part of its overall deal with Hasbro, but declined to comment on any specific game plans." [Update: An EA spokesperson just confirmed with Joystiq that their "agreement with Hasbro does include the digital rights to GI Joe."

Well, now we know ...

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