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New Torque Engine aims to boost Wii Ware


GarageGames has announced a new version of the Torque development engine for Wii, with added 2D drag-and-drop game creation functionality. Torque 1.5 features elements of the Torque Game Builder, a tool designed for easy development of 2D games.

In addition to the Game Builder functions, the new version of Torque for Wii features "extensible Wii Remote support, Wii optimized skinned mesh rendering, compressed texture, interior support, and hardware blending for terrain textures. Developers will also find a powerful WYSIWYG tool chain for designers, scripting language support, a comprehensive Lot Check compliance component, and Wii graphics and audio abstraction layers."

Torque's "
zero-royalty, flat-fee structure" and reduced pricing for Wii Ware developers should be a boon to the download service, making a low-cost, easy-to-use design tool available to prospective developers.

[Via press release]

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