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Comcast nets 2.5 million new digital cable subscribers, lots of cash in 2007

Darren Murph

Verizon isn't the only major cable provider walking with a bounce in its step in 2008, as Comcast's latest earnings report revealed that the company snagged 2.5 million new digital cable subscribers and $2.6 billion in net income during 2007. Also of note, it made sure we knew that 42-percent of its digital cable customers took advantage of "advanced services such as DVR and high-definition television" compared to 36-percent a year prior. Unfortunately, it failed to reveal exactly what percentage was subscribed addicted to HD programming, but we were told that pay-per-view revenue shot up 22-percent to a staggering $774 million in the last 12 months.

[Via Light Reading, image courtesy of Thermocaster]

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