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Lawyers representing gold farmers threaten Lum the Mad
Late last month Scott "Lum the Mad" Jennings put up a post on his well-known MMOG blog site about an ongoing legal battle. It involves former IGE (yeah, the gold farmers) CEO Brock Pierce and co-founder of the company Alan Debonneville. This post. Right here.
Jumpgate's evolution(ary) inspiration
By now you know I'm a sci-fi geek, reporting on everything even remotely interesting (and some of our readers would say, not even that on occasion) about Tabula Rasa, Jumpgate Evolution, Stargate Worlds, Earthrise, etc ...
Ask Massively: The MMeaning of (Second) Life
There are those who claim that we spend too much time covering something that "isn't really an MMORPG" and those who assert that Second Life is an MMORPG in the truest sense of the word ...
Rumor: Champions Online's table-top roots confirmed
A forum post by dev team member Steve Long over on the HERO Games official forums has given us pretty convincing evidence that the recently revealed Cryptic MMO Champions Online, is in fact based on the Champions table-top roleplaying game first launched back in 1981.
The Daily Grind: Would you ever play a noncombatant?
Watching a recent Cinemassively, it occurred to me that in MMOs, everyone is a warrior. By that, I mean that everyone fights -- some with weapons, some with magic, etc. There are probably games out there that don't require combat as a method of advancing the game, but ...

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