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PSP phone hints dropped in Sony magazine

If the test we performed during Podcast 37 was any indication, the Skype feature which was recently made available to PSPs, while neat, probably doesn't cut it when it comes to your main form of mobile communication. However, we can't be expected to carry around our cell phones and our PSPs. We only have one pair of multi-pocketed cargo pants, and, well, they really don't do much for our figure.

We might be in luck -- a recent issue of Sony Magazine has stoked the fires of a finely aged rumor that a PSP phone is currently in the works, possibly under Sony Ericsson. One article briefly mentions that a "PSP-style phone is apparently in development," and that the device could hit retail "as early as February." While it wouldn't be the first time Sony released a handheld upon an unsuspecting public with little to no fanfare, we would think we'd hear about something like this more than a month before it hits store shelves. We mean -- part gaming device, part mobile phone? The world's never seen anything like this before!

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