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The Street: "Mac Owners Are Snobs"

Cory Bohon

According to a recent The Street video, they say that Mac users are "snobs." The video, which is based on research by Mindset Media says that Mac owners are more likely:

  • to be perfectionists
  • to use notebooks
  • to use teeth whitening products
  • to drive station wagons
  • to pay for downloaded music
  • to go to Starbucks
  • care about "green" products and the environment
  • to own a hybrid car
  • and last but not least ... to buy 5 pairs of sneakers in a year
I don't know about you, but I cannot remember the last time I have owned (or least bought) five pairs of sneakers in one year's time. I must agree with the downloading music, going to Starbucks, and the green products. The research also showed that Mac users are more likely to be liberals. In my opinion, this research does seem a little slanted, as my experience has been the opposite (as far as being "snobby" goes). What do you think?

[via Insanely Great Mac]

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