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Deadly Creatures lives up to its name

Candace Savino

Last week, we told you about THQ's plan to release a Wii game called Deadly Creatures. While interested in the idea, we took up a "wait-and-see" policy regarding the title. The game's official site recently launched, however, giving us a glimpse into the unique desert creature adventure.

From what little we've seen, Deadly Creatures looks like it can be fun as long as the controls are pulled off correctly. Also, we're a little worried that the fighting might get repetitive. THQ has probably thought of that, though, making us think there will be more to the game than just beating up snakes and lizards.

While we enjoyed the trailer, we have to admit -- hearing the poor little screeches of those bugs and reptiles tugged at our heartstrings a bit. Really, we're just big softies.


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