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Lost Planet to include 5GB installation

Jem Alexander

Another imminent Capcom game, Lost Planet, looks set to include a necessary 5GB install before the game can begin. dBTechno is reporting that this takes about 15 minutes for Lost Planet and makes loading times "lightning fast". We refer you to our previous post on Devil May Cry 4's 20 minute install where we ask "who cares?", as the point still stands. A fifteen minute install is not worth getting wound up over, in the grand scheme of things.

It seems the required installation is going to become a recurring "feature" with regards to Capcom games. This could prove difficult for people with 20GB or 40GB PS3s, as 5GB is a fair chunk of their valuable HDD space. There are, however, plenty of ways to work around this what with upgradable internal HDDs and external memory. Problem solved.

[Thanks Clayton]

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