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Panasonic to protect plasmas from flying Wiimotes

Candace Savino

We've heard many a tale about people flinging their Wiimotes into expensive HDTVs. Despite Nintendo's precautions, some folks still manage to let their controllers fly. Because of this, Panasonic has decided to release idiot-proof Wii-proof plasmas, with panels that protect the screen by resisting up to four joules of energy.

We can't imagine there being a huge market of people wanting this model, with the exception of the truly paranoid. Even so, Crave writes that it won't take too much effort for Panasonic to beef-up certain plasma screens, since they're generally more durable than LCD panels.

Sure, a stronger screen might be useful for other reasons (not all of us have kids, and for all we know, they like to throw stuff at TVs for fun). If you're considering this purchase for Wii purposes, though, might we suggest you simply use protection?

[Via Destructoid]

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