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UK's Halifax bank denies WoW charges


The UK's Halifax bank has reportedly stopped transactions to Blizzard Entertainment "due to a significant number of fraudulent transactions," meaning those with Halifax issued Visa/Mastercards won't be making their World of Warcraft payment this month. The Register writes that the bank doesn't blame Blizzard and is apparently tired of dealing with all the fraudulent charges using stolen credit cards. The bank will allow payment processing once customers contact it to make arrangements.

Sister-site WoW Insider has chronicled many fraud issues on the insanely popular MMO. Between the keyloggers and phishers, Azeroth can be a dangerous place. In all fairness, the Halifax issue could have happened with any MMO as they all have similar scams. Although what Halifax is doing is inconvenient, it's still better than customers checking their monthly statements and discovering fraudulent charges.

[Via WoW Insider]

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