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Q-Games reveals 'PixelJunk Eden,' hints at future titles


In closing his GDC post-mortem on the PlayStation Network's PixelJunk games, Q-Games president Dylan Cuthbert briefly showed off the next game in the series of downloadable, 2D titles. PixelJunk Eden comes across as being far more experimental than the independent developer's previous titles, boasting psychedelic visuals, an electronic soundtrack and swinging, ball-based platforming. We're quite sure we haven't written a description like that in quite some time.

Eden started development in June 2007, and Cuthbert told us that he expects it to arrive on PSN sometime "before Summer." Also mentioned but never elaborated on was PixelJunk Dungeons, the fourth title in the series which Cuthbert assured us would, in fact, feature dungeons of some kind. Finally, the presentation revealed that Q-Games would eventually focus its efforts on 3D gaming in a second series of PixelJunk. We'll bring you a full report on the PixelJunk postmortem (and forthcoming games) soon.

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