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Touch Table EES "edutainment system" is large, edutaining


We're blown away by how much of a behemoth ToyQuest's Touch Table EES unit is, but perhaps that's what kids are into these days. The "table" is really a swiveling TV with touch capabilities and some edutainment software. Games include bowling and trivia, kids can draw on the screen or organize photographs, and there's even a Google Earth-style globe that kids can spin around and explore to find the family's next vacation spot -- or, heaven forbid, learn something from the accompanying video encyclopedia. The 21-inch touchscreen is complemented by a DVD player, speakers, and AV, USB and SD inputs. You can rotate the whole display for use while sitting -- there's even a built-in dock for the Wii if that's your style. The table doesn't connect to the internet at all (to keep kids safe), and we're not positive the included software we saw is necessarily $499 worth of fun, but you should be able to check one out this fall at your big box retailer of choice. Video is after the break.

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