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Sunwell raid temporarily disabled

Eliah Hecht

For those of you who have hitting the PTR to attempt WoW's hardest raid yet, the Sunwell Plateau, it's going to be turned off for a little while, until the next PTR patch, which "will be very soon." Updates on the various bosses:
  • Kalecgos is close enough, will be finished internally and therefore presumably disabled on the PTR when the Sunwell comes back
  • Brutallus's stomp will remove burn when he comes back, only for him to be tested briefly and then disabled.
  • Felmys and the Eredar Twins will get "major changes"
  • Trash (or, in Blizzard's euphemism, "the oh-so-compelling, non-boss mobs") gets "a good deal of tuning" as well
What have your impressions of the Sunwell been so far?

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