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AFS mechs' new animations show their mettle

Chris Chester

As is usually the case, there were a lot of things that we wanted the Destination Games team to put into Tabula Rasa's patch 1.5 that we don't see in the build on the PTS. The opacity of the development process usually has that effect. But one of the nice benefits of our ignorance is that we are often quite pleasantly surprised by the unexpected things that we find every time a new build shows up on our a desktop. One of the things that eluded as when the patch notes were posted yesterday, but which delighted us when shown in motion is the new attacks and animations for the mechs that patrol the heavier AFS bases.

One player who goes by the name of Flashburn on the Planet TR forums was courteous enough to record these new animations for our viewing pleasure. Notice the way the mech raps on his head to unjam the rockets. It's subtle, but worthy of a chuckle. And who can't be at least slightly awed by that new jumping attack? Are these new animations in some a way preview for what's ahead with the long-promised personal armored units? We can only speculate at this point, but we're suddenly excited about the prospect all over again. We'll have more on the new build as we explore it.

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