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Dojo update: Another veteran returns


The spoiler barrier is back down for today, after Masahiro Sakurai revealed another unlockable character in Brawl. To find out who, go past the break! To remain free of spoilers, stay here!

Given that he's a staple of the Smash Bros. series, Captain Falcon's return is entirely predictable. Things have changed since Melee, however. For one, he's now only the second fastest runner in the game (you get one guess as to who holds that honor now), and this time he's arrived with his Blue Falcon in tow, which he whips out for his Final Smash, a maneuver that Sakurai describes as "wild" and "cinematic."

Aside from that, it's business as usual, with the Falcon Punch (which even Snake seems to know about now), Raptor Boost, Falcon Dive, and Falcon Kick all making a return. Oh, and he's yours if you play 70 brawls, beat Classic Brawl Mode on the Normal difficulty setting or greater in less than 12 minutes, or recruit the Captain for your party in The Subspace Emissary.



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