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Sanyo alive and well, pushes first Direct Connect phones through FCC

Chris Ziegler

The trickle of QChat-enabled handsets for Sprint's Direct Connect push-to-talk service is in the process of turning into a flood now that manufacturers don't have to worry about dealing with Moto's proprietary iDEN network, and Sanyo is the latest to join the party with a pair of models named SCP-PRO200 and SCP-PRO700. As the names and ID label renderings imply, these will likely be ruggedized models targeted squarely at the same audience that currently snaps up iDEN equipment, so go ahead and get ready to drop these things, splash them with mud, and generally treat them like poo. Both are equipped with Bluetooth and EV-DO, so they'll be able to hold their own with the remainder of Sprint's midrange whenever they get around to launching.

[Via Phone Scoop]

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