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TWC actually expanding HD options in Queens / Brooklyn, NY

Darren Murph

After Time Warner Cable apparently pulled a fast one on subscribers in Queens and Brooklyn, NY by advertising its Woodside additions to the rest of the community -- but then not following through -- we've pictorial evidence that those newcomers are indeed making their way around. 'Course, it's a few weeks later than expected, but we suppose it's better than CNN HD, MHD, History Channel HD, A&E HD, Food Network HD, Lifetime Movies HD, HGTV HD, Versus / Golf HD and NHL Network HD not making the rounds. As of now, we're seeing that the channels have indeed been added to the EPG, but there's no video to go along just yet. Still, we're expecting 'em to go live anytime, so hold tight and keep an eye on your set. [Disclosure: Engadget is part of the Time Warner family]

[Thanks, Vin P.]

Update: As of February 29th, the channels have been removed from the EPG in Queens / Brooklyn. The latest word from TWC is "coming soon." Bummer.

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