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A makeover for Sylvanas in patch 2.4?


If you're a lore freak and a Forsaken fan like I am, you might share one of my biggest pet peeves about the World of Warcraft: Why is Sylvanas Windrunner in a Night Elf Body when she's an undead High Elf? The RPG Books tell us that she is in her old body, which Arthas dug up and let her possess as a reward for her services to the scourge, so she should look like a high elf or a blood elf. Instead, she's just a night elf with gray skin. Most of her other High Elven brothers and sisters got a blood elf skin revamp with the expansion, so it always felt wrong that one of the most famous High Elves of them all was stuck as a lowly Night Elf.

It seems that Blizzard may have finally heard our cries of frustration on this. From tipster Jagoex comes news of a discovery by MMO Champion poster Gurluas: Apparently there are some skins hidden in the patch that look very much like they could be a new look for Sylvanas. The render Gurulas made actually makes her look a bit like a cross between a gray alien and a Blood Elf, but it isn't a bad look for her at all.

At last check, Sylvanas is still bouncing away like a hyperactive cheerleader on the test server, so no word on whether this is really a change for her. If we're lucky, maybe we'll see our new Sylvanas by Wrath of the Lich King, and we can have a proper High Elven Dark Lady we can all be proud of.

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