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Rock unfazed by fallout, still offering HD DVD as standard on laptops

Darren Murph

While many stores are slashing down HD DVD player prices as much as management will allow, it seems that one diehard supporter is casting a blind eye to the whole format war meltdown. Rock -- which tooted its own horn after making HD DVD standard on many of its laptops -- hasn't changed its approach one iota. Even now, the firm is still offering up internal HD DVD drives (and writers) in a plethora of its machines, and curiously enough, there's not even an option to select a Blu-ray or combo player. C'mon Rock, we know you're just trying to clear out inventory, but at least give prospective buyers a choice in the matter, would ya?

Update: Looks like a DVD-RW "downgrade" option is currently available for those that inquire, and Blu-ray options should be added in due time. Thanks, Felix!

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