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Slick iPhone mod


We all know that the iPhone is beautiful (OK, not all of us). The only thing I dislike about its appearance is the chrome band that separates the top and bottom halves. The iPod touch is much more attractive without it.

General [M]ayhem forum user KnightKrew felt the same way, and did something about it. Check out this beautiful iPhone mod. With its entire body encased in black TiAlN, it is the Sith Lord of iPhones.

What the heck is TiAIN? It's a ceramic coating used to improve the performance of cutting tools. KnightKrew decided it would be the best material for his project after examining the composition of the phone's external surfaces with an electron microscope (see the pictures here). He states that it's now even more durable.

That's some serious modding. It looks great, KnightKrew.

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