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Cosplay in Minutes a Day!

Eric Caoili

Here's a cheap, easy costume you can whip up for your next Halloween/convention/boxart-head meetup -- dress up as Dr. Kawashima's disembodied head! Here's all you need:

  • some white posterboard
  • a pair of scissors
  • a sharpie marker
  • a pair of glasses
  • an aging Asian man
Flickr user ClockworkGrue spotted this character last weekend at WonderCon 2008. Girls must have swooned over it, as there are lipstick kiss marks all around the Brain Age mascot. Why else do you think he goes around calling himself LL Cool K (Ladies Love Cool Kawashima)? Step past the break for more video game related costumers spotted at Wondercon 2008.

Oh man, that is creepy.



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