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In-room iMacs added to hotel amenities


Mac lovers traveling to the UK may be able to leave their computers at home -- as long as they stay at a City Inn hotel.

Guests will find a shiny iMac in each room, with full access to the internet, iLife and Office apps. Plus, the hotel will let you use the iMac as a TV, internet radio and media player (DVDs and CDs).

"But will the hotel keep a history of what I do with that machine?" you ask. The answer is "No." They use Faronics Deep Freeze software to restore each machine to its factory settings every 24 hours, so you're safe (that also means you shouldn't save the article you're writing on the iMac's hard drive).

This isn't the first time we've seen hotels offer Apple products to guests. In 2004, several W hotels gave away iMacs, iPods and music on "iTunes Days," and just last year Pod Hotels offered an iPod dock in each room.

[Via Macenstein]

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