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Nokia's Text Messenger: another phone feature you probably didn't need on your PC

Chris Ziegler

Bless the hearts of the good folks at Nokia's Beta Labs, because they're really working overtime to make the Finnish devices in our lives do all sorts of things they were never exactly intended to do. Everything they've done so far has been absolutely brilliant at best and merely nifty at worst, and we think this latest effort falls more on the latter end of the scale. Beta Labs' PC Phone dropped a couple months back for controlling basic phone functions from the comfort of a lappie or desktop, and now we have this: Text Messenger is a Sidebar-dockable gadget for Windows Vista that simply displays your connected phone's text messages, and while we can't speak for others, SMS is enough of a time drain for us as it is -- the last thing we need is access to it when we're sitting at our PCs trying to get some work done, too. Now threaded SMS, on the other hand... yeah, we'll take us some o' that.

[Via All About Symbian]

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