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PS3 Fanboy presents: Insomniac music video, director's commentary


Did you watch the Insomniac recruitment video? Of course you did. (Download a higher-res version here.) Here's an exclusive for PS3 Fanboy readers. Ryan Schneider from Insomniac joins us to give a few behind-the-scenes commentary for the video. Find out a few new tidbits about the development team and get a few more hints about this Resistance 2 game they have going on.

What was the inspiration for creating a recruitment music video?
Well, when you go to things like GDC, everybody has their typical video. In general, everyone has their recruitment video – it's very "been there, done that." We just wanted to do something different. We wanted to create a video that captures who we really are and this video does. It shows that we take our games very seriously but not ourselves.


How did the idea come together? Who said "let's make it a music video? Let's make it a pop-up music video?"
To be honest, it's a very collaborative effort like everything else. We watched a lot of Flight of the Concords, Tenacious D, Drew Carey Show (you know, the opening scene). I just realized one day that a music video would do a better job of telling the Insomniac story. It took a little bit of convincing but we got a great group of folks that wanted to take part. This song would've been nothing if it weren't for our office coordinator, Chris. He's just a stud that's fantastic.

There are numerous Resistance 2 easter eggs hidden throughout the video.
That's right.

For example, there's this screen that seemingly says there's twelve new Chimera enemies.
It appears that way. There are some secrets in there, but I guess it seems that twelve new Chimera enemies is confirmed. I don't recall how many were in the original, but that doesn't include any returning favorites.

Is there an explanation as to why there's a whole new slew of enemies?
Sure. We pay very close attention to our fiction and our universe. If you've read the Game Informer article, there's a moment of time that's passed since the first game. The Chimera have learned from their setbacks. You're going to see truly bigger and badder enemies in the next one. They're going to be a lot more detailed too, since this is our third-generation PS3 game.

Also, there's a computer screen that says "0708." What does that mean?
I heard about that, yeah. The Insomniacs are pretty wacky about putting interesting information there. "0708" can mean a lot of things. It could just be a series of numbers, or it could have meaning. Stay tuned.

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