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Comic Watch: Shakes and Fidget explain the Burning Crusade races


Oskar Pannier & Marvin Clifford are the creators of 'Shakes and Fidget', a webcomic set in the World of Warcraft universe. Shakes and Fidget are a human and gnome, respectively, and they travel Azeroth for the sole purpose of getting into trouble, apparently. This works out well for all of us, as seen in this strip, entitled 'A New World', as they travel through the Dark Portal and meet the two new races from the Burning Crusade expansion.

I have to hand it to any author who uses the word 'invidious'. In fact, I'm gonna start up a webcomic wherein every episode features a ten-cent word for your reading pleasure. The main character is a dinosaur named Thesaurus Rex. You can make Paypal donations to my personal email address.

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